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Heh :P

Yeah why is it in country? Anyways this sound like a great start! I can't wait to here the whole thing. You are an absolute maser at packing TONS of energy into your intros and then continuing to maintain that energy throughout the entirety of the peice. Excellent work!

Second review how cool :P

F-777 responds:

Thanks so much man! And ya i put in wrong genre by accident.

Thanks again!


Dude, I've been listening to this song all week after downloading it as an after thought while flying through my Favorite artist list. All I can say is WOW. I have to agree, one of your best ever. Absolutely love the melody, Your orchestration is awesome. Loved the change in chord progression at 3:00; a chord progression you don't typically use, but that made it even better. The syncopated Saw synth at 3:28 Gives me goose bumps every time, you are soo creative.

My favorite part is the last rendition of the melody by the square/saw synth starting at 3:44. That, combined with the alternate melody from the sine/saw synth that's been carrying the melody, make a great polyphonic ending to the song. Love the end at 3:56 and 4:10 where the two melody call and response on the root octave.

....Dang, the only things that could make this song any better would be maybe adding a key change and having a slightly more riveting intro (the beginning bored me a little, but I quickly forgot that).

Other than that all I can say is great job, and I SO, wish I could write music like this. Congratulations on another fantastic job!

Great Job!!

The key change!!! The key change!!! masterfully done! Great job again, the song really is a great remix of the original which, while I enjoyed it immensly, was too short :P The second remix didn't really capture the essence of the peice for me, but this one is great!! The only thing that seems to be missing from the peice is the Oriental Orchestration that made the others so Oriental in texture. Other than that you did a great job again, keep up the great work!


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